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I'm Aubrey:
Formerly, I was a bluegrass radio host, award winning poet, and spent some time lost at sea. Now, I'm a developer at Big Nerd Ranch (formerly Highgroove Studios), inconsistent blogger, and all around southern gent.

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  • Fuck It, I'm Awesome

    Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to be a coach for Rails Girls Atlanta, and it was a great experience. The event is a way to introduce women to programming—as well as to introduce programming as a career option.

  • Accountabilibuddies

    Hopefully you haven't noticed this, but there has been a marked drop in misspellings and missing words in my last few posts. It is definitely not the case that I have suddenly gotten better at the English language, but rather the fact that I've been working with a freelance editor. While it's great to have posts polished before I post them, this isn't really the main advantage to me.

  • This Ain't Your Mother's Particle Collider

    Your grandfathers didn't have feuds about using a relational database over a NoSQL solution. Your family doesn't cozy up around a fire every Christmas and write webapps using an MVC framework. These situations don't make any sense, but developers still talk about best practices as “traditions.” In general, I'm a pretty laid back person, but this really drives me up the wall.

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